I am in the process of designing a program for a client and have developed 13 principles for learning that will guide the design and delivery of the program.

  1. Enable learners to negotiate and customise the learning to suit their individual needs and goals
  2. Generate learning activities from the experiences of the learners
  3. Make learning a delightful experience
  4. Encourage learners to apply their learning and learn through practical activities
  5. Provide opportunities for learning through social interaction
  6. Offer a blend of delivery methods and tools to suit learner needs
  7. Monitor learners’ progress and provide appropriate support
  8. Regularly provide constructive and concrete feedback
  9. Foster the learners’ motivation to learn
  10. Develop self-directed learning skills
  11. Develop learners’ capacity for reflection
  12. Provide opportunities for feedback from peers
  13. Engage the learners in the evaluation of the program

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