Let’s learn in ways that change us and give us vision, compassion and strength to work for personal and social change (from Morell & O’Connor 2002)

Come to the edge
We can’t, we’re afraid!
Come to the edge
We can’t, We will fall!
Come to the edge
And so they came.
And she pushed them.
And they flew
Adapted from a poem by Guillaume Apollinaire

I design dynamic training and development programs, workshops, seminars, and retreats that are imaginative, reflective, action-oriented and engaging.

My approach incorporates multiple learning modalities and practices, relevant for the purpose of the learning.

I help organisations design professional learning programs aligned with strategy, building on learners’ current capabilities and based on a creative, action learning approach. Effective learning encourages learners to embed learning in practice and engage in critical reflection.

I provide training in how to design and facilitate learning:

  • Facilitative Teaching/Training
  • Designing and Delivering Engaging Workshops
  • Creative Learning Practices for Trainers

I also design, write and edit learning materials.

Need help with learning design or how to facilitate learning?


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