Strategic action mentoring offers the opportunity for personal and professional growth through a constructive partnership between a mentor and mentee.



Mentoring offers a time and place for reflective conversations that result in exploring practice, clarifying directions and pathways, solving problems and implementing action.

It is strategic: building on your story to move forward.

It is action oriented.

It is supportive and collaborative.

The process is driven primarily by the mentee who identifies needs and outcomes for the mentoring process with the mentor. Mentoring is a goal-oriented and structured process in which both parties work collaboratively.



First session

  • Understand the nature of mentoring and the mentor/mentee relationship
  • Discuss the code of practice
  • Explore your story so far and why you are seeking a mentor
  • Set goals and outcomes for the mentoring
  • Sign an agreement, schedule meeting times and establish fees and payment method


Subsequent sessions

  • Engage in structured conversations and activities to explore, develop, problem solve, clarify, reflect, decide
  • Confirm strategies and actions for change/development
  • Reflect on these as you put actions into practice
  • Explore blocks and obstacles
  • Challenge assumptions and prejudices
  • Clarify and explore feelings
  • Monitor and celebrate achievements


Final session(s)

  • Reflect on changes and development
  • Explore what you have learned
  • Identify what is next for you